Kyuho's personal homepage

About Me

Hello, my name is Kyuho Jang, and I'm a second-year masters student at the Multi-Variant Structures & Materials Lab at SNU DMSE. I am a maker, programmer, and theorist. I love solving problems from an engineering perspective. I am interested in inspiring people with technologies. I aim to understand interaction between humans and the virtual world.

I'm currently interested in:

  • Virtual Reality (VR) Sensors and User Interface
  • Computational Method for Materials Science and Engineering
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Personalized Manufacturing
  • Programming

My Identities


I solve problems and demonstrate my ideas by making actual devices


I build my own theoretical framework for efficient technology


I automate the repetitive process and reduce manpower by programming

All Projects

VR gloves (In Progress)

Self project

VR gloves for natural, haptic virtual world

Pencil Grinder for Artists

Self Project

Pencil grinder that can control the graphite length and pencil sharpness

A Facile Calibration Method for Granular Materials

MVSM, SNU, Master thesis

New characterization method using triaxial compression test and optimization theory

Cell Polarity

Self Project

New mechanism that explains cell movement

Wound healing in Dynamic Environment (In Progress)


Study of wound healing mechanism in dynamic environment

Cryptocurrency Trading Bot

Self project

Crypto trading bot using customized algorithm

AI stock Trading Bot

Self Project

Attention mechanism based AI stock trading bot 

Powder-based Transfer Printing

MVSM, SNU, undergraduate thesis

New transfer printing technologies for conformal electronics manufacturing

Pedal-powered Air Purifier

Self Project

Solutions for serious air pollution problems in South Korea

Improving Functions of hESC-Derived Hepatocytes

Self Project

Examined candidate chemicals to improve functions of hESC-derived hepatocytes


Computer Design

Fusion 360, AutoCAD

Personal Manufacturing

3D printer, Bio 3D printer, Laser cutter

Programming Languages

Python, Javascript, Fortran, MATLAB, HTML/CSS, C++

Physical Programming

Arduino, Rasberry Pi,  MATLAB Simulink

AI programming

:PyTorch, Tensorflow, Keras
:NLP, Reinforce Learning, CNN, GAN, PCA, etc