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Pencil Grinder for Artists

09/2021 ~ 10/2021

In South Korea, students majoring in art need to sharpen a lot of pencils every day. (about 20 pencils per day!)

Unfortunately, commercial pencil sharpeners are not available because their pencils need to be extra sharp. 
They usually sharpen their pencils with a pencil knife. 
However, this process is painful and time-consuming.
My sister, who studies art, has had wrist pain.

To help and encourage my sister, I decided to design a pencil grinder for artists.

I designed a sanding machine for pencils with Fusion 360 and made it with a 3D printer and a laser cutter. 

The outside wall consists of acryl, and the motor cover consists of PLA. Motor, joint, band sand was purchased online. 

Although the sharpening process slower than expected, the result was satisfactory.
I hope this device can save my sister's time and reduce her pain.